Northampton Schools Tutorial Centre


The NSTC Programme:


  • NSTC is a KS3 partnership with schools that should be viewed as a stage before alternative education.

  • Pupils attend our caring environment for 3 days a week for up to 15 weeks (Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays 9am to 3pm). It is expected that pupils will attend their referring school on Mondays and Fridays.

  • Pupils must have an exit plan in place when they start NSTC, this ensures everyone is working to the same plan and focuses the pupil on working towards an agreed target.

  • Our integral reintegration model includes support in targeted lessons by the NSTC team in the mainstream school on Mondays & Fridays and during staged reintegration.

  • Pupils are taught in a formal classroom setting that is conducive to their learning needs, building resilience to ensure a successful reintegration to school.

  • We deliver a bespoke curriculum aimed at addressing behavioural barriers to school while having an English and Maths focus. The curriculum is ever evolving to respond to local, emerging need.

  • With a focus on improving emotional intelligence and self-regulation skills, we enable pupils to develop the resilience required for them to take the next step back in to fully reintegrating in mainstream classes confidently.

  • Effective behaviour management systems that model and celebrate good behaviour are in place to ensure high expectations resulting in all pupils becoming better at managing their difficulties at NSTC and in school.

  • Our partnership model means we always work collaboratively with referring schools, families, and agencies. Our relationships with key staff in schools are pivotal and have developed successfully over the years.

  • Communication between NSTC, home, school and other professionals working with the family is crucial to success, as well as regular phone conversations and meetings, weekly written report are sent outlining the successes of the week, the areas for continued improvement and strategies for success.

  • High standards of behaviour are expected and modelled. Pupils strive to achieve by being taught successful strategies to manage themselves better, this comes from a good grasp of the behaviours presented in school, a sound induction process and working alongside pupils at NSTC and in the home school. Pupils are given the chance to reflect, reframe and reintegrate with consistent reminders of them to utilise the tools they gain.

  • Safeguarding is a key priority and is everyone’s responsibility; staff are safely recruited and appropriately trained.

  • NSTC is an unregistered provision, pupils remain on the referring school’s roll and pupils who already have an EHCP are not encouraged.