Northampton Schools Tutorial Centre

Head of Centre’s Welcome

Dear Parents, carers and professionals,

On behalf of the NSTC team, it is a pleasure to welcome you to find out more about how we enable key stage 3 pupils to achieve their potential by overcoming the challenges education presents them with.

As you navigate your way through our website you will discover that we are an alternative provision that aims to provide an opportunity for pupils to reflect on their behaviour and learn the skills they require to be able to reframe before they reintegrate back into mainstream school.

I am proud of how our provision has developed over the years, working tirelessly to serve Northampton schools to respond efficiently to local, emerging need. Our high expectations that run throughout our caring, learning community ensure we give all pupils and parents’ the chance to embrace a fresh start in school.

We know what a difference being able to “hit the pause button” can do in shaping the educational future of our young people when they need it most. NSTC provides that opportunity whilst upholding core values and high standards of learning.


Kirsty Brice

NSTC… A chance to change                                                                                                                                                                                       Reflect… Reframe… Reintegrate…

Pupils attend NSTC Tuesday to Thursday 9am to 3pm.


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